About Us

Enjoy your business or tourism trip to meet and organize your free time.

Bringing travelers together to see the world.  At Meetown, we’re all about connecting people. As a travel dating social community platform, we create opportunities to forge bonds, make memories, and discover new thrills.  Find locals, business travelers, singles to travel across hidden gems. More than bringing people together or serving as a tourist guide, we’re matchmaking experiences.


We are steadfast in our aim to design the perfect travel community. Our platform was created by the desire to develop fully immersive experiences. It is now easier than ever to bridge relationships with people across the globe. Elevate your travel and make memories with people who set the course.

Share and exchange your travel experience

It is the social travel dating community platform that makes getting out of your comfort zone easier. Wherever you are going, you can find exciting things to do with locals or travelers who bring fun to exploring. We are in a rapidly expanding landscape and constantly looking to find sparks of life that cater to your unique taste.  We accommodate your diverse interests and thirst for life.

Make friends all over the world

Traveling is an intimate trip, and you need the right people to get the most out of it. We curate the perfect companions to maximize your voyage. Explore people with common interests and tackle your new surroundings head on.